Thunder Boys Book I: Paco the Great

Thunder Boys Book I: Paco the Great

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Paco's wrestling teammate, Chad, missed so much school for the sexual abuse trial. Parents don't want their kids hanging around him because he acts out, but Paco's parents don't object when their son picks Chad as a friend. Paco feels horses gallop through his chest when they're together, and their closeness has evolved with the ferocity of a wolf pack by the time his great-grandfather tells him he's a two-spirit. Will his parents accept their son for who he is? Do they know? Can he have a crush on an opponent and still beat him in a match? Looking at sexual abuse, alcoholism, recovery, and the prejudice in cultural expectations, this book is the first in the Thunder Boys Series narrated by Paco and his pack.I know I have the same way back to go yet, but Ia#39;ve come here and can do it again backwards. Wind up back at my park, sit on the swings, and think how I started with a mile in about ten minutes. ... I have to go back anyway, so I can take some time here and check out the outhouses to see if they have big concrete pits, see if this forest preserve has got any of its own ... The leaf with the pins around it like giant holly, the biggest trunks here, the oaks, have grown a long, long time a#39; though Ianbsp;...

Title:Thunder Boys Book I: Paco the Great
Author:Adam Apellasios - 2011-05


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