Tidal Power

Tidal Power

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As the global supply of conventional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, dwindles and becomes more and more expensive, unconventional and renewable sources of energy, such as power generation from water sources, is becoming more and more important. Hydropower has been around for decades, but this book suggests new methods that are more cost-effective and less intrusive to the environment for creating power sources from rivers, the tides, and other sources of water. The energy available from water currents is potentially much greater than societya€™s needs. Presenting a detailed discussion of the costs, risks, and challenges of building power plants that run on hydropower, this highly technical explanation of tidal power plants offers engineers practical applications of highly efficient and cost-effective power systems. Not just useful to engineers working in the field, this treatise is a valuable textbook for students and researchers working in tidal power.Allsix windings of different inductors were connected consistently, forming one winding answering toone speed of movement of the ... twogenerators, kW, can be scaled with the helpof the converterof capacity25 and the controller 16 3: thevoltmeter shows avoltage in ... 2 12: thebutton ofinclusion of the generator 213 : the lockof the controlpanel 14: the automaticdevice of a feedof circuits ofmanagement 15:anbsp;...

Title:Tidal Power
Author:Victor M. Lyatkher
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-04-03


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