Time- and Strata-Bound Ore Deposits

Time- and Strata-Bound Ore Deposits

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The problem of time-and strata-bound formation of ore deposits has during the past decade become one of the most debated topics in cur rent international discussion. Due to the amazing results of modern mineral exploration and world-wide geophysical research, the mutual relationship between the complex geological history pf a crustal seg ment and the development of distinct metallogenic provinces (ore belts) has received much interest. Reviewing the earth's history in this light one can now recognize metallogenic epochs even of global range which document the existence of world-wide time-bound ore enrich ments. The knowledge of these metallogenetic processes has been growing step by step for several decades. It began with simple observations and sceptic interpretations, which at first threw heretical spot lights on to the edifices of the prevailing theories on granitic differentiation as the favoured source of ore deposits. It was obvious that the new ideas at first referred to ore enrichments in sedimentary sequences, nowadays summarized under the term strata-bound, and mainly interpreted as stratiform or sedimentary ore deposits. Moreover, the modern term qstrata-boundq also includes ore mineralizations which are bound to distinct units of layered (intrusive or extrusive) igneous complexes as a general descriptive term without genetical restriction! Albert Maucher is one of the representatives of the initial era who discussed these genetical questions critically in the decade before the 2nd World War.In a first case, when chemically active solutions which do not add new ore- forming elements affect earlier deposited ores, only a rearrangement on a large or small scale can take place. Examples of ... During the whole process, however long it may have taken, a repetition of the same metals a€“ copper, lead and zinc in the form of sulphides, and also iron as oxide, carbonate or sulphide a€“ can be observed.

Title:Time- and Strata-Bound Ore Deposits
Author:D.D. Klemm, H.-J. Schneider
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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