Time for Frankie Coolin

Time for Frankie Coolin

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Known as much for his journalistic reporting as for the fiction he wrote under a variety of pen names, Bill Granger combined his divergent talents in his powerful novel Time for Frankie Coolin. With distinctive voices, compelling characters, on-the-ground observation, and suspense, it offers a serious, illuminating take on the changing tides of race, class, and politics in late twentieth-century Chicago. Time for Frankie Coolin tells the story of a plasterer turned landlord in Chicago who, in the late 1970s, buys abandoned buildings and makes them just habitable enough that he can charge minimal rent to his mostly black tenants. Frankiea€”both a tough guy in the trades and a family mana€”has done well by his wife and kids, moving them to a house in the suburbs. But a casual favor for his wifea€™s cousina€”allowing the man to store some crates in an empty buildinga€”and a random act of arson set in motion a cascade of crises, including a menacing pair of G-men and the looming threat of prison if Frankie doesna€™t talk. But since talking has never been one of Frankiea€™s strengths, he copes as he always has: by trying to tough it out on his own. Calling to mind such gritty poets of the urban scene as George V. Higgins and Nelson Algren, Time for Frankie Coolin is both a psychological thriller and a a€™70s Chicago period piece that shines a surprisingly sympathetic light on the often ignored stories of the people who lived, worked, and died at the citya€™s margins.Your trouble is that you want to make me feel ashamed of what you do for a living . ... I do what I can. I got into the trades when I was your age. I remember the day I got my card in the plasterera#39;s union. ... You know how many guys are in now?

Title:Time for Frankie Coolin
Author:Bill Granger
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2014-11-06


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