Time of the Quickening

Time of the Quickening

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A guide to the science of prophecy, why so many predictions never come to pass, and the Golden Age ahead a€c Presents a mathematical means of divining the future, revealed in the Oahspe Bible, using the Egyptian Tables of Destiny, a 12, 000-year-old system so exact it can foretell every day of the year a€c Reveals that we are not headed for Rapture and the Apocalypse but for a€œthe Quickening, a€ the embryonic stage of a Utopian Age a€c Examines the cycles of history and explains why many prophecies have not come true Reviewing the cycles of history from biblical times to the present and prophecies of the future from Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce and Jeane Dixon, Susan B. Martinez reveals that our current a€œtime of troublesa€ is not the beginning of Rapture, the Apocalypse, or Armageddon, but of the embryonic stage of a Utopian Age--the a€œQuickeninga€ of the human race. Reviving the lost science of prophecy, Martinez explains why so many a€œgreat propheciesa€ have failed and presents the 12, 000-year-old Egyptian system of prediction so exact it can foretell every day of the year, a method based not on the planets, astrology, or intuition but on Eartha€™s magnetic rhythms. Using Earth science, historical research, religious texts, spiritualism, and patterns within the cycles of war and political milestones, she demonstrates that the past is the hidden key to the future and uncovers the prophetic numbers of Eartha€™s cycles--11, 33, 99, and 363--as set forth in the Egyptian Tables of Destiny, ancient texts brought to light by the 19th-century Oahspe Bible. Explaining how readers can use the Tables of Destiny to make their own predictions of the future, she presents her own forecasts of the risks and costs of technological progress, the destiny of America, the up-and-coming global religion, the truth behind climate change and the cause of earthquakes, and the true life expectancy of planet Earth as well as offering a preview of the Paradigm Shift and Golden Age ahead, a time of global unity and awakening of the soul of the world.In 135 CE, Jews were ruthlessly dispersed from Israel after the Second Jewish Revolt (132a€“135 CE, the Bar Kokaba Uprising, otherwise known as the Second Jewish Revolt). Add a period of 666 to arrive at 801 CE, when Jews began their long golden age in Spain.4 In fact, the Bar Kokaba ... Subtract a spell from 1898 to get 1865, the year in which year Spain aggressively launched several unsuccessfulanbsp;...

Title:Time of the Quickening
Author:Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2011-03-28


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