Time to Lay by

Time to Lay by

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Time To Lay By, is a collection of short stories, some humorous, some bizarre, but all true. For centuries storytellers were the only source of history. They told their tales, preserving history by handing their stories down from generation to generation. Without the storyteller, much of history would have been lost. Time To Lay By, recounts a way of life that was common in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Southeastern Kansas in the not too distant past. Once again, a part of history has been saved throught the words of the storyteller. There are stories of legal hangings, western men, moonshiners, bootlegging and many other topics too numerous to mention. These long ago stories are as they occurred back in days lost in the pages of time. They add to our knowledge of a fasciniating region and a way of life nearly forgotten. This book isn't just for the historians, but for anyone who is curious about the past or simply love a good book.It cost me $2 a quart and I placed the labels on the bottles and the tops on, so as to give the genuine appearance. First, though, I colored ... We sell bourbon, rye and anything else they want, all out of the same keg. Some time ago we ran ... We sent up and purchased several cases of Budweiser from the Coca-Cola Company. That beer contains less than one-half of one percent alcohol. We washed theanbsp;...

Title:Time to Lay by
Author:Jay Mondy
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-12


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