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Timmy is an eight year old gifted son of a captain of the local police force. Timmy is brutally bullied by a group he calls the Band of Bullies and one of the bullies mother. His peers bully him because he is a a€œKnow it all!a€ Timmya€™s father tells him that he is special but he doesna€™t understand until he makes a discovery one day while playing with his toys. He flourishes from then on and being special takes on a new meaning. Timmya€™s abilities really grow when the new member to the family a€œFluffya€ the kitten becomes a source of concern and then entertainment to those around him. He uses what he learns with Fluffy to contend with the bullies. Many other surprises in this story that will leave you laughing and wondering what will come next.a€œHow much is this food Doctor is there someplace I can donate what he has not eaten? I have two ... As they were checking out, Fauna had placed the carrier by the counter as she paid the vet bill. ... We have an appointment in two weeks.

Author:Jesse O'Brien
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-02-21


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