To Die to Sleep Perchance to Dream

To Die to Sleep Perchance to Dream

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Veteran Special Agent Frederic Donner, author of qZen and the Successful Horseplayer, q qA Broken Badge Healed?q and qWhite Cats Can Jump!, q once again relives his thrilling missions with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) . Set in South America, principally Colombia, as well as in the U.S., the new novel is a love story set against a backdrop plagued with corruption, power and retribution. It describes how an undercover FBI agent battles a Colombian drug cartel, falls in love, and is captured and tortured. The protagonist battles his deformities, his illness and his own organization to correct wrongs and help set things right. To correct these wrongs, he dances along the invisible lines of right and wrong, and good and evil. Jude (Judas Carlito Simeone), an undercover FBI agent; his girlfriend Maria CastaApo, a Colombian beauty; and Neats (Netio Alicirra) Simeone's friend and Colombian informant as they live the tragedies and successess of Colombian and U.S. drug trafficking. ToDie to Sleep Perchance toDreamis a seamless blend of a highly relevant controversial plot about the problems of drug trafficking, corruption and incompetence in the U.S. and in the world, and an action-oriented mystery, involving good and evil and religious allegory. Perfectly backed by Donner's solid first-hand experiences in the Bureau, it is no ordinary novel. It is an eye opener that the government will take any measure, legal or illegal, to protect the United States of America.Jude awakes at first light, and he is hungry; but Angel tells him surgeries would begin today, and no food is permitted. He savors the view from his ... A plastic surgeon is well paid, but cartel associates earn much more. Angel would help, so anbsp;...

Title:To Die to Sleep Perchance to Dream
Author:Frederic Donner
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-11


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