To Find and Enjoy the Love of Your Life

To Find and Enjoy the Love of Your Life

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King Solomon, regarded by many as the wisest man to ever live, gave us his most prized poem of love, the Song of Solomon. Author Mark Washburn plumbs the depths of this ancient wisdom in To Find and Enjoy the Love of Your Life, daringly leading readers into the heart of this sacred love song. With sharp perception and insightful study, the obscure is made clear, and the modern reader can effortlessly identify with the Song's young couple. Whether you are building a foundation for a future relationship, seeking advice for newfound love, or rekindling the flames of a mature marriage, Washburn's insight will guide you into God's timeless wisdom in this millennia-old ode to pure, biblical, passionate love.Instead, he chose to present two single adults to us who have met, became attracted to each other and have fallen in love. How they met we do not know. How instant was the attraction we do not know either. It may have been a€œlove at firstanbsp;...

Title:To Find and Enjoy the Love of Your Life
Author:Mark E. Washburn
Publisher:To Find and Enjoy - 2009-09-01


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