To Live

To Live

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An award-winning, internationally acclaimed Chinese bestseller, originally banned in China but recently named one of the last decadea€™s ten most influential books there, To Live tells the epic story of one mana€™s transformation from the spoiled son of a rich landlord to an honorable and kindhearted peasant. After squandering his familya€™s fortune in gambling dens and brothels, the young, deeply penitent Fugui settles down to do the honest work of a farmer. Forced by the Nationalist Army to leave behind his family, he witnesses the horrors and privations of the Civil War, only to return years later to face a string of hardships brought on by the ravages of the Cultural Revolution. Left with an ox as the companion of his final years, Fugui stands as a model of flinty authenticity, buoyed by his appreciation for life in this narrative of humbling power. From the Trade Paperback edition.I can rest easy.a€ We sold the chickens and lamb and brought F engxia into town to buy her two new outfits plus some household items like a blanket and waslrbasin. We made sure that ... The sound of more than ten gongs heating at the same time along with the thunderous aquot;bongaquot; sorrnd of two drrrrrrs made all the country folksa#39; ears ring. But by far the ... When other families in the village got married, the best cigarettes they would give out would be Flying Horse, if that. But Erxi gave outanbsp;...

Title:To Live
Author:Yu Hua
Publisher:Anchor - 2007-12-18


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