To See a Green Flash

To See a Green Flash

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Ben and Billy Mac have saltwater running through their veins. Not only do they love the fishing life in their coastal town of York, Maine, but they are the best of friends. Born just days apart in 1949, they are truly like true brothers, as close as blood can be. But life holds different promises for these two young men. Ben, whose father died at sea before he was born, quit school at age thirteen to help support his mother. Billy is a star hockey player on the high school team and accepts an offer to play at Boston College. During this time of international turmoil, Ben receives his draft letter and is sent to Vietnam as an army ranger. While Ben is fighting the war in Vietnam, Billy fights his own war on the ice, and moral and physical challenges lead him down a dark path. To See a Green Flash follows these two best friends as their lifea€™s paths diverge. Telling the tales of fishing and the toll of war, author Corky Decker captures the heart and soul of a small, New England fishing community and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.a€œOkay, leta#39;s seeif we can get tothis guy before Charlie. ... Losing altitude faster than he can make the distance to the clearing, he brings his knees up into a ball and covers his face with ... All thesethoughts roll throughhis mind likeasilentmovie.

Title:To See a Green Flash
Author:Corky Decker
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-02-24


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