To Thine Own Self

To Thine Own Self

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Carefree and self assured Carolyn loves her life. Her uncle runs the day-to-day details of her company leaving her free to settle in her marriage entering its third year, to travel and to study. But all that will change once Mrs. W, CEO of Carolyn's company, drafts her to help the company with their latest clients. Carolyn is thrust into a world where she is soon the object of scorn and ridicule after initially being warmly welcomed. Problems abound as Carolyn deals with a contrarian boss, a gossipy co-worker, put upon neighbors, and a traveling overworked husband. All this plus the day-to-day problems in teaching a third grade class. Connie Rice, soon to be Connie Rice Jackson, a vibrant woman, who knows how to bring the simple joy of laughter to a situation, teaches kindergarten. Sharon Treed, quiet and soft-spoken, is starting to feel 'used' by the system she works in, teaches second grade. These are the two women who befriend Carolyn Morgan Prescott as she enters her own teaching career. Blithe and self-assured until unseen complications arise; yet Carolyn Morgan Prescott keeps her own secret from them.It is the reason she started teaching, and the same reason she will leave teaching after her first year. To Thine Own Self is a coming of age story where Carolyn Morgan Prescott discovers the value of her relationships, the value of her own work ethic as well the value of her personal and professional integrity, no longer awed or afraid of them as she juggles the many hats she wears. The story traces Carolyn Morgan Prescott's travails in accepting her roles in her company and in her family as she deals with problems of gathering honest data for her company's next decision as she grapples with the tribulations of her workplace. She finds new friends in new places to help her as those problems quickly change from professional to personal. The author - MARY KARPIN - taught for thirty years in the New York Department of Education, dealing the special need population, specifically the deaf and the language impaired. She also taught in the New York City Catholic School System at St. Vincent Ferrer High School as a science teacher. During her thirty-year tenure she served as Turn Key Trainer for Key Concepts for the Department of Education. She was added to the WHO'S WHO of AMERICA'S TEACHERS in 2005 and was also invited to participate in the PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM to China. CNN interviewed her regarding teaching in the New York City Department of Education in 2009.aquot;JJ, youa#39;re a life saver, aquot; Carolyn said, clearing her desk for them. aquot;We have three egg and bacon sandwiches, coffee all round, aquot; he said, taking each out of the bag. He and James sat on the desks while Carolyn sat on her chair to eat. aquot;You wereanbsp;...

Title:To Thine Own Self
Author:Mary Karpin
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-03


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