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This book works. It shows that that the naughty step, sticker charts and controlled crying are NOT the only solutions. Many parents struggle with getting their toddlers to sleep, picky eaters; respect; tantrums; discipline; throwing; biting; hitting, communication... All this is normal. What is important is that you don't base your whole relationship with your child on rewards and punishment. ToddlerCalm is about gentle parenting. It will give you a proven and successful alternative approach to creating a calm and happy family.A guide for calmer toddlers and happier parents Sarah Ockwell-Smith. TodderCalmTM a€” workshops and classes for parents of toddlers www. ToddlerCalm W on Facebook toddlercalm ToddlerCalmTManbsp;...

Author:Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-10-03


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