TOM SWIFT and the Lunar Volcano (HB)

TOM SWIFT and the Lunar Volcano (HB)

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The 3rd book in the Saga: The Emperor Shangri-La died trying to attack the Earth in book 1; the Empress-his twin sister-died trying to attack Tom Swift in book 2. Now, it seems the very Moon on which they built their Shangri-La colony of slaves is on the brink of being attacked by the ground under their feet. Harlan Ames, former Swift Enterprises Chief of Security has been the Administrator of the now free colony but is getting anxious to take his twin children back to Earth. Their safety may depend on it; their mother was the much hated Empress! But, something bad is happening inside the Moon. He hopes his old boss can figure things out before it is too late. In the meantime, he leaves his children in the care of Lola qGrandmaq Reyes at the lunar colony while he heads out to see if there is anything to discover at the former qMaster'sq ruined fortress in the Philippines. It is a race against time to see if clues can be found to help avoid a catastrophe.Your optic nerve just got a bit stunned. ... The doctor, once head of Medical Services at Enterprises had taken an extended leave of absencea€”Damon Swift would not accept a letter of resignation from hima€”to come to the lunar colony. For years he had been the one man to repair Tom whenever the young man was hurt.

Title:TOM SWIFT and the Lunar Volcano (HB)
Author:Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque - 2015-03-06


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