Tomorrow, soldier.

Tomorrow, soldier.

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Tomorrow, soldier. by Paul F. F. Hood is an autobiographical novel in four parts: Part One, subtitled Gun Oil; Part Two, subtitled Perfect Proposal; Part Three, subtitled Himmlera€™s Gas Station; and Part Four, subtitled Return of the 8017 Elite SS. The novel, set from the end of World War II through the onset of the Cold War until the beginning of the Korean War, chronicles one soldiera€™s ongoing quest for a a€œnormala€ life. Instead, Paul F. Barker, an army Staff Sergeant, finds himself in the midst of a characteristically abnormal world in-between-the-wars. He struggles with the trauma of surviving and remembering wartime horrors as well as the effects of global espionage on his friendships, intimate relationships, and business dealings. There is nothing a€œnormala€ here, nothing is as it seems, not even Marlene Dietrich.a€œPaul, you know we have never been real close, but Ia#39;ll guarantee that you are going to like this place. It is unique. ... How did all these women come to live in Wattens? With no men ... a€œWell, Hitler wanted to create a super race of people of pure Germanic blood, strong in strength, strong in intellect, strong in ethnic character.

Title:Tomorrow, soldier.
Author:Paul F. F. Hood with Carra Leah Hood
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-06-15


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