Too Big For My Little Girl (Virgin Daughter Breeding Erotica)

Too Big For My Little Girl (Virgin Daughter Breeding Erotica)

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Jakea€™s step-daughter has taunted him mercilessly for years. Shirts that barely fit, shorts that showed off her body, she tried everything to get his attention, but Jake never gave in. His primal desires...his dangerous urges, were always pushed back out of his mind. That is, until Stephanie is home from college and Jake realizes hea€™s not the only one with such animalistic, naughty needs. Warning: This 7500 word sizzling erotic tale features a very rough taboo fantasy. All characters depicted are 18 years or older and not directly related. Excerpt: Her hand turned around and opened, her fingers falling along my length. a€œI dona€™t know, daddy, youa€™re too big. Therea€™s no way ita€™s gonna fit.a€ I put my hand over her mouth. a€œQuiet, a€ I said. a€œIa€™m going to go slow. So, so slow. You know your daddy would never hurt you, right?a€ She nodded and made a little sound beneath my hand. I smiled. By then I was lost. There was nothing I could do to stop myself. My primal, animal urges were just too much, too strong. My little Stephanie was helpless under my strength, and the way she was looking up at me, I knew she loved it as much as I did. a€œGood, a€ I whispered. a€œBut first you have to convince me that all those things you said were true. You have to convince your daddy how badly you want his cock. Feel how big it is?a€ I sucked her ear, then kissed my little girla€™s neck. I did it again, harder that time, and slid my hand further down, cupping her sex and letting the tip of one finger slide between her lips. a€œWona€™t that feel good in your little pussy? How bad do you want daddya€™s dick inside you?a€ She mumbled something too quietly to hear. I pushed her chin up and made her look at me. a€œSpeak where daddy can hear you. How much do you want me, baby girl?a€ a€œWorse than anything, a€ she mumbled, looking down, but not at the floor. She squeezed the sides of my dick and ran her hand down all the way to my tip. Even through my jeans, I could feel the heat of her hand against me. I wanted to throw her on the floor, shove it in her mouth and fuck her throat, but...slowly. I knew I needed to go slowly. Ia€™d never do anything to hurt my sweet little girl.Jakea€™s step-daughter has taunted him mercilessly for years.

Title:Too Big For My Little Girl (Virgin Daughter Breeding Erotica)
Author:Riley Rourke
Publisher:Ashe Land Publications -


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