Too Much Rain

Too Much Rain

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Grieving the loss of his wife and ten-month-old daughter, twenty-four-year-old Roy Johnson seeks a change in his life. He leaves his job as a heavy equipment operator in Bentlyville, Pennsylvania, to be nearer to his family in Kansas. Linda Powers mourns the death of her husband Jeff, who died in Spain at the hands of terrorists. When she abandons her job and friends in Litchfield, Ohio, shea€™s not sure exactly where shea€™s going. Lonely and sad, Roy and Linda each embark on their personal odyssey and can not predict what their futures hold. Surely, they will never be able to replace their loved ones. As they drive separately toward St. Louis, Missouri, their paths cross at several rest stops. Their interactions are friendly and polite. But soon, Mother Nature intercedes. When torrential rain storms sweep through the Midwest and a huge levee breaks, water envelops their vehicles and they are forced into the fierce elements. As Roy and Linda depend on each other for survival, their love grows. They wish to spend the rest of their lives together, but they must first survive the brutal flood waters.a€œLinda, Dear, we are going to leave our home in the tree tomorrow morning rain or shine unless ita#39;s raining too hard or too foggy to see. We will have to see the shore to be sure which direction we want to go. ... up) a€œI could see a spit, a peninsula, sticking far out into the water and ita#39;s only about three fourths of a mile downstream. If we take a straight line from here, when we intersect with that point of land we are less than one-quarter mile, maybe four hundred yards from the shoreline.

Title:Too Much Rain
Author:L. Louis Marchino
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05-22


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