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Increasingly governments worldwide are turning to the private sector to assist them in meeting their countries' infrastructure needs. The toolkit will assist governments in hiring and managing economic consultants, financial advisors and legal experts, as well as other specialists required to increase the role of the private sector in all infrastructure services. The boxed Toolkit, funded by the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) and designed by the World Bank's Private Sector Advisory Services Department, includes a CD-ROM self-guided tour of the material, an Executive Summary for senior officials, and 3 volumes which contain detailed information on the following subjects: Volume 1: What is PPI and how can advisors help? - Module 1: Principles of selection for advisory services to support PPI - Module 2: Identifying the stages of PPI - Module 3: The role of advisors - Module 4: Defining the project and the contract - Module 5: Use of advisors for small-scale projects Volume 2: Donor agencies and the funding of PPI advisory services - Module 6: Funding agency requirements Volume 3: How to select and manage PPI advisors - Module 7: Selecting advisors - Module 8: Paying advisors for their advice - Module 9: Managing the PPI advisory servicesWater privatization in the Windward Islands: A case of scaling down to match the limited resources of an island ... Re-scoped, the final technical analysis will cost closer to $250, 000 and will be closely coordinated with the financial work inanbsp;...

Publisher:World Bank Publications - 2001


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