Toonamint of Champions

Toonamint of Champions

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An off-the-wall story with larger-than-life characters, this novel discusses the desire to gain membership to an exclusive golf club and the realisation that the grass just may be greener on the other side. Waymon Poodle, a wall-eyed, squawky-voiced Bible thumper, obsesses about teeing off at the Augusta National Golf Club. Waymon's quest to be granted access into the most famous golf club in the world sets him on an irreverent and hilarious course of enlightenment and adventure -- from a loud-mouthed girlfriend, LaJuanita Mumps, who also wants into the exclusive club, to the affluent and influential buffoons who are already members. With comic vitality and southern spice, this hip and fresh novel will delight golf enthusiasts and fans of humour alike.The Intimate Psychological Particulars Waymon was so profoundly afraid of giant cicada killer waspsa€”not just any kind of wasp, as there are many kinds of hymenoptera, but the giant cicada killer wasp, who sports a pulsating yellow and black thorax and a long stingera€”that a Christian ... The windows of Waymona#39;s car were closed and were of the manual type. ... The psychologist was amazed that anyone would care enough about some freaking bugs to develop web sites about them.

Title:Toonamint of Champions
Author:Todd Sentell
Publisher:Kunati Books - 2007-04-01


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