TOP GUN- The Secrets of Relationship Based Selling

TOP GUN- The Secrets of Relationship Based Selling

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For nearly two decades, Scott Magnacca has asked the question a€œWhat is the difference between top performers and average performers in the fields of sales and marketing?a€ In TOP GUN- The Secrets of Relationship Based Selling For Financial Services, author Scott Magnacca shares the results of his groundbreaking research in the field of personal achievement, sales and marketing. Based on his nearly two decades of sales and marketing experience working with both affluent investors and top salespeople in the financial services industry, Magnacca has been able to identify the common traits, skills and techniques that top performers all use consistently to reach the pinnacle of success. By studying top performers from all walks of life- including Olympic athletes, Navy SEALS, Top Actors and Politicians and the best marketing and sales minds in the financial services business, Mr. Magnacca has been able to document, learn and teach the techniques a€“ and the communication and persuasive skills that allow these top performers to become leaders in their respective professions. In the book, Mr. Magnacca focuses specifically on the mental conditioning techniques taught at the U.S. Navya€™s TOP GUN Fighter Weapons School and he applies these same concepts to the topics of selling and marketing more effectively to clients and prospects. In this book youa€™ll learn the latest psychological secrets behind the art and science of communication and unconscious influence. In addition, you will learn a series of simple, practical steps that you can use and apply in your own sales and marketing career to quickly increase your marketing effectiveness, to build long lasting relationships with prospects and clients and to take your personal sales results to the next level of achievement.The reason I mention this to you is to point out the fact that almost no one asks for reference letters- ever- except the really good salespeople out there. The top 1% of professionals that work in the sales business do this regularly. Thata#39;s one ofanbsp;...

Title:TOP GUN- The Secrets of Relationship Based Selling
Author:Scott Magnacca, CFP ®
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-07-23


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