Tori and the Magnificent Manatees

Tori and the Magnificent Manatees

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When Tori discovers the friendly playful manatees in the river outside her home, she falls in love with them. Theya€™re awesome. They are said to be the only creatures on earth that have no natural enemies! But she sees scars on many of the gentle, slow-moving mammals. What is harming them? Why are they on the endangered species list? Why are they getting hurt? What can she and her friends do to help them?Sailorsand people of ancienttimes supposed the manatees were mermaids who sang beautiful songs. 2. Adult manatees can grow to 1013 feet long. 3. They can weigh from around 800 pounds to 3500 pounds. ... They have warm bodiesand feed their babies milk. ... Many are injured ordie because of collisions with boats.

Title:Tori and the Magnificent Manatees
Author:Elizabeth Conard; Tori Greenlaw
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-12-20


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