Torjen II: The Search For Andross

Torjen II: The Search For Andross

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Brucius is dead, his legions destroyed. The Gai-Dubous are believed extinct and the Death Waker has not been seen in almost four years. And Andross the Invincible, the one who used the Orb of Torjen and took its curse upon himself, is presumed dead, though his body has never been found. Now a new threat has begun to form, climbing up from volcanic lands to replace the old dangers with even darker, more ancient ones. The kings of Upperworld, Bracchus and Korsoko among them, must stop rebuilding in order to defend their lands once again. Amidst the turmoil, the old group begins to form as rumors escalate that Andross is, indeed, still alive somewhere, but slowly dying. Ever-loyal to their old friend, the knights set forth to rescue the accursed Tribal, battling ogres, braving monsters and venturing into the foreboding city of the Death Waker, and finally down into the enigmatic depths of Lowerworld itself, where a dark shadow threatens all that lay within its reach. And in that journey, they will face not only the pain of their own individual pasts, but they will also learn the past of their own world, and struggle to maintain hope in a future that will change everything.He closed his eyes and shook for a moment, trembling as if having some type of seizure. a€œHea#39;s still healing, a€ Okna ... Korsoko shushed him for a moment, making him calm down before he worked himself into another seizure. Sijarkis closed his anbsp;...

Title:Torjen II: The Search For Andross
Author:Danny Cove
Publisher:Danny Cove - 2015-02-27


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