Totally Pissed Off

Totally Pissed Off

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Our government has been pissing me off for years and finally it boiled over. Both parties have been creeping towards Socialism for years. Obama and the Democrats have socialism on steroids! The Republicans have been more subtle about it. I thought we had some hope when the Republicans gained the House. Speaker John Boehner is not much better than Pelosi. He caved on the debt ceiling and gives too much ground to Obama. Obama, his Czars and 98% of the Democrats are the most corrupt gang of thieves in history. The reason the government hates the Mafia and drug cartels is because they are competing with our government. With subsidies and the printing of money by the Feds $ billions or $ trillions have disappeared into a qblack hole.q There are millionaires being made within our government. There is no accountability at all. A Republican House is allowing this to happen. Bernie Madoff will spend the rest of his life for doing the same thing in the private sector.Uh Oh, General Motors has announced a recall of 8000 Volts in january 2012 for battery/ fire problems. ... In fact, the Honda Civic GX, released in 1997, has the cleanest internal combustion engine 328 ROBERT a€œBOBEYEa€ INABINETTE.

Title:Totally Pissed Off
Author:Robert Inabinette
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-02


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