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Shae Caldwell left Connecticut financially and emotionally devastated. Aunt Amanda's ranch in Dawson, Wy. was her last hope. Shae and her son set out on an adventure in the West that they could never experience in the East. What Eric Sinclair teaches Shae, is the true meaning of love. And it is that true love that keeps Shae going through what is about to be the hardest thing she will ever have to endure. Death is no stranger to Shae, and trying to deal with it by running away only makes it worse. An Indian myth, shakes Shae's reality. Is her young son really being lead by a ghost?a€œWould it be too much trouble, seeing that the maid is out and all, to ask for coffee ? ... a€œIa#39;ll have Coke.a€ a€œMe too. Ia#39;m just not a big coffee drinker.a€ Shea said as she went to her small refrigerator and opened two bottles of ... She placed the two Cokes still in the bottles on the worn second ... a€œWhat did the bank do with them?

Author:Jj Sutherland
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-02


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