Touched By a Whisper

Touched By a Whisper

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In the 16th century, an archeologist discovers an ancient tomb in Damascus. The artifacts are then removed against the wishes of the spirits that were guarding them. As one artifact that can give the owner unusual sight into spiritual things, there is a mystery that unfolds as evil individuals want the artifact for their own benefit. A young couple will be drawn into the scheme that aren't aware that the individual is actually related to them. Nothing is ever as it appears and the couple will be forced to enlist the aid of their friends that aren't immune to the diabolical crimes that will be committed in the name of greed and evil. The group will be thrown into an adventure of a lifetime and it will involve the occult, evil, corruption, and their lives will be in danger around every corner. Their goal is to solve the mystery and restore order again to the universe, so an innocent soul can find peace again inside a tomb in Damascus.D.H. REID, Ginger Reid-Parker. towards the fireplace? ... a€œI am now black, from digging through the embers of the fireplace. a€œThere is only the chimney ... My father has premixed mortar in the garage to repair it again. It shouldna#39;t be that hard toanbsp;...

Title:Touched By a Whisper
Author:D.H. REID, Ginger Reid-Parker
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-04-23


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