Tough Pill to Swallow

Tough Pill to Swallow

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What do two young, idealistic pharmaceutical reps in Florida, a teenage anti-government zealot, a depressed chemist, and a homeless woman in Pennsylvania, and an emotionally wounded man from a rural part of Northern New York have in common? Find out in this tale of good intentions, deception, fear, aggregious discoveries, and death that results in the same spiritual epiphany for each of these seemingly unrelated individuals. qTough Pill to Swallowq blends current, seemingly unfixable, controversial issues with hope and spirituality in a way that inspires massive change. Topics such as pharmaceutical drugs, the closeness of the pharmaceutical companies to the FDA and the government, the perceived safety of the meat supply, and antibiotic overuse, are highlighted. The facts of the horrendous truth behind all of these issues are tempered by the willingness of the author to focus on the actual judgment of these things as a worse problem than the things themselves. A solution of qspiritual accountabilityq and qpositive focusq is offered as the only way out of the madness that has become the typical human experience. Annie Konovitch is a healer, astrologer, counselor, writer, teacher, and entrepreneur. While attending University of Florida's MBA program and planning her ascent up the Corporate Ladder at one of the members of Big Pharma she had an epiphany, a spiritual awakening. She changed her course of studies to Holistic Healing and went through programs in Naturopathy, Massage, Astrology, Ministerial Studies, and countless modalities in Energetic Healing. She left the corporate world and began a business helping people to heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. She began writing books of various genres and teaching classes geared to different audiences all with the same messages- Expanding Consciousness and Spiritual Accountability. She believes that by facilitating the expansion of consciousness of individuals and helping them understand that they are not victims of life, that they have the power to change their individual experiences and the whole human experience the momentum will eventually reach a critical mass and create positive tangible shifts in the human experience and the condition of our planet.She walked into the diner and spotted the man she was meeting; the man, until very, very recently, she detested with ... opportunities was the standard reason people gave for leaving a job they hate to do something that they feel really matters.

Title:Tough Pill to Swallow
Author:Annie Konovitch
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2007-11


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