Towards the Learning Grid

Towards the Learning Grid

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There is a paradigm shift in Informatics in general and in technologies enhancing human learning in particular. The debate between the evolutionaries - those that wish to optimize and refine current approaches - and the revolutionaries - those that support a fundamental change of approach - is quite actual. Within the Internet communities, the debate is hidden behind the words semantic WEB versus semantic Grid; within educational technologists between content/resource centered and conversation centered e-learning, or either between teaching and pedagogy on the one side, and learning and communities of practice on the other. In general, in Informatics, the shift from a product-page oriented to a service-conversation oriented view may possibly impact most if not all the foreseen applications, in e-learning, but also in e-science, e-democracy, e-commerce, e-health, etc. Part A of the book is dedicated to Position papers: visions about what to do and why to do it in the next years. The remaining parts (B to D) offer partial answers to how to do it. Part B concerns what we called: Content-centered services, i.e.: a vision of learning systems that privileges knowled mature and integrated solutions that address not only content but more generally the creation and management of human Virtual Communities connected on the Grid in order to offer and consume different services facilitating and enhancing human learning. Finally part D is concerned with new directions in learning services.A question that arises is how the use of e-learning Web services may mitigate that kind of contradiction. ... novel e-learning application functioning on the Grid, instead providing technical analysis and arguments on how e-learning applicationsanbsp;...

Title:Towards the Learning Grid
Author:Pierluigi Ritrovato
Publisher:IOS Press - 2005-01-01


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