Toxic Friendships

Toxic Friendships

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Good friends and healthy friendships are crucial to womena€™s well-being at every stage of life. But what happens when a friendship turns toxic? When a friend becomes hurtful or mistreats another? When a friend abandons another in a time of need? Here, Suzanne Degges-White and Judy Pochel Van Tieghem explore such toxic friendships and how women navigate the ups and downs, as well as how broken friendships can be mended and bad friendships ended. Explaining and illustrating the a€œrules of friendshipa€ at various stages of life, the authors reveal what it takes to be a good friend, how to identify bad friends, and how to move forward when friendships turn sour. Vignettes of toxic friendship behaviors are shared, as well as tips on how best to respond to these rule-breaking friends in order to rebuild damaged relationships and repair a friendshipa€™s foundation (when appropriate) and how to decide when ita€™s time to let go of a relationship that is bringing you down versus keeping you afloat. Information for parents is also provided, to aid them as they help their daughters navigate their friendships. We all need friends, but knowing when and how to let go can help us all be better friendsa€”to ourselves, and also to others.Another woman in her thirties shared that Facebook was the vehicle that led to the breakup of a friendship: a€œI texted her after being disrespected via ... On my cell phone, I spammed her messages. ... Blocking e-mails, blocking/spamming texts, and ... Regardless of who might actually deserve the label of victim or perpetrator, avoid beginning any sentences with a€œfighting wordsa€ such as a€œYou made me .

Title:Toxic Friendships
Author:Suzanne Degges-White, Judy Pochel Van Tieghem
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-06-11


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