Traci Edmonds Discovers Her Destiny

Traci Edmonds Discovers Her Destiny

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Traci Edmonds is a 53 year old single mother of three, living a modest an certainly uneventful life. She is a relatively shy, stay at home mom operating a small travel business. She has determined that at her age, her time for finding a life-mate is over, and she resigns herself to living the rest of her life without love. Then she makes a bid to provide travel arrangements for an electronics firma€™s annual retreat. She is given the contract to make arrangements for the retreat aboard a cruise ship, with the stipulation that she personally give the firma€™s top executive staff a pre-retreat trial run. Little does she know that this particular cruise would bring the unexpected and her life would be changed forever. During the cruise Traci meets the company owner, Gary Crosse. He is what most women fantasize as their dream man; tall, dark, handsome, sometimes brooding. He is also rich and successful, and a playboybut. Like Traci, he is in his 50a€™s, 57 to be exact. Gary has an infamous reputation in business and his personal life. He is a stickler for detail in business and a barracuda in his romances. Prior to meeting Mr. Crosse, Traci is warned, have all of your Ta€™s crossed, your Ia€™s dotted before presenting anything to Mr. Crosse. And a€œdo nota€ fall prey to his very lethal charm. Traci heeds the warnings on her interactions with Gary Crosse, and makes sure that her dealings with him are conscientious and professional. Until one fatal night just prior to the end of the cruise, Gary Crosse visits her cabin in the middle of the night and makes his intentions known, and they are not professional. This single act, catapults them on a 30 year relationship filled with passion, romance, spirituality, physical and emotional trials, as well as, danger, intrigue and family unity. They endure tragedy, jealousy, betrayal and forced separation. Then, a racially motivated physical attack nearly destroys their relationship. ItAas that incident which leads Traci into the development of a family ministry. But in spite of the trials they endure, they do endure with the love they share and the grace, mercy and protection of God almighty. And they bequeath a legacy of wisdom and faith to their family, friends and all that knew them.It was the very early morning hours where Gary was, and he too was sleeping, but fitfully when my thoughts shook his body as well as his ... I verbally groaned ( somewhat loudly), along with the passionate love my husband was making to me .

Title:Traci Edmonds Discovers Her Destiny
Author:Patrice A. Everage
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-05-18


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