Tracking the Bullet Saved My Child

Tracking the Bullet Saved My Child

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I grew up in the City of Chicago, attended Rezin Orr High School on the near northwest side of Chicago, graduated in 1980, and attended the College of Automation computer School. I have spent the majority of my life working with computers, which I deem to have been a very rewarding field as well as educational. During my twenty-nine-year tenure in the information technology field, I have seen the computer industry technology really skyrocket into a very sophisticated technology that have affected our lives in so many ways that we depend on computers to the point that it has become a way of life for us. You cana€™t go to any major supermarket nowadays without the cash registers being computerized in some way, shape, or form. They even have check out lines where you dona€™t even need a cashier to ring you up. You can do it yourself by scanning the barcode of your purchases and the computer will check the price through a computerized database and come back with the right price. The most fascinating thing about computers is the security mechanisms that have been put in place to help facilitate protection and control. Even homeland security depends on computers in protecting and saving lives to some degree or another. So it just makes sense to use computerized technology in other areas of our lives that not only enhance, but can also prevent a potential harmful element from ruining our lives. Computerized technology used in conjunction with controlling how a person uses his gun can save lives. And really, after everything else is failing isna€™t it time we came up with a wina€“wina€“win solution to todaya€™s problems? This is what this book will present. Solutions that solve problems.Wyoming a€c Updated: 20040719 a€c An Ohio CCW license does not allow ... is illegal to carry a handgun larger than . 45 caliber pursuant to the Oklahoma SelfDefense Act (licensed concealed carry).

Title:Tracking the Bullet Saved My Child
Author:Demetri Bell
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-22


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