Tractates Gittin and Nazir

Tractates Gittin and Nazir

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The ninth volume of this edition, translation, and commentary of the Jerusalem Talmud contains two Tractates. The first Tractate, a€œDocumentsa€, treats divorce law and principles of agency when written documents are required. Collateral topics are the rules for documents of manumission, those for sealed documents whose contents may be hidden from witnesses, the rules by which the divorced wife can collect the moneys due her, the requirement that both divorcer and divorcee be of sound mind, and the rules of conditional divorce. The second Tractate, a€œNaziritesa€, describes the Nasirean vow and is the main rabbinic source about the impurity of the dead.Torn leather is valid, if it was torn it is invalid. If it was not torn by the tear of a court , but if it was torn by the tear of a courta€. What is the tear of a court? Between the text and the witnesses.71 69 In the Geniza text: aquot;Does the text fly?a€œ There is noanbsp;...

Title:Tractates Gittin and Nazir
Author:Heinrich W. Guggenheimer
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2007-01-01


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