Trade and Climate Change

Trade and Climate Change

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What do we know about climate change? What is the relationship between trade and climate change? How does trade affect greenhouse gas emissions and can more open trade help to address climate change? What is the range of national measures that can contribute to global mitigation efforts? These are just some of the questions discussed by this report from the World Trade Organization And The United Nations Environment Programme. The report aims to improve understanding about the linkages between trade and climate change. it shows that trade intersects with climate change in a multitude of ways. For example, governments may introduce a variety of policies, such as regulatory measures and economic incentives, To address climate change. This complex web of measures may have an impact on international trade And The multilateral trading system.Furthermore, warming is likely to be significantly above the global average in central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and northern Asia; ... In Central and South America the annual mean warming is likely to be larger than the global mean except for ... The effect does not only accrue directly from the melting of the snow and/or ice.

Title:Trade and Climate Change
Author:Ludivine Tamiotti
Publisher:UNEP/Earthprint - 2009


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