Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain

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a€œUsing Train Your Brain, in two years, Ia€™ve gone from zero to a million dollars a year in my business and paid off $30, 000 in debt!a€ ~ Sarah Thomas, Basehor, KS When Dana Wilde began her direct-sales business, she realized that education for entrepreneurs typically consisted of endless a€œhow-toa€ explanations: how to market, how to pick up the phone, how to manage your time, how to increase bookings or sales. There always seemed to be a new system to learn, a new surefire method or cutting-edge technique for entrepreneurs to master. In an effort to teach her team members a better and easier way, Dana Wilde created Train Your Brain, a tested and proven system combining elements of both mindset and action a€b or as Dana likes to call it, Intentional Action. What Dana discovered by using Train Your Brain is that mindset can be a€œtaughta€ and that learning simple mindset strategies not only allows you to understand how the brain works but also shows you how easy it is to change your thinking and, as a result, change your outcomes. In Train Your Brain, Dana breaks down the Cycle of Perpetual Samenessa€”the number one reason why most people only experience incremental change in their lives. More importantly, she also provides the much-needed blueprint to help you get off this counterproductive cycle quickly. Train Your Brain, with its twenty easy-to-implement a€œMindware Experiments, a€ gives you all the necessary tools needed to get off a€b and stay off a€b the Cycle of Perpetual Sameness, so you can transform your life and grow your business in record time!How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time Dana Wilde ... You might say them to your kids, to your cats, to your dogs or to yourself. Use whichever method works best for you. ... Mantra is just a pretty name for a a€œpositive conscious thoughta€ and when youa#39;re saying a mantra youa#39;re really just declaring a goal foranbsp;...

Title:Train Your Brain
Author:Dana Wilde
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2013-08-06


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