Train Your Way to Financial Fitness

Train Your Way to Financial Fitness

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After accomplishing her own successful weight loss journey, financial planner Shannon McLay realized that while there are a number of resources available to people who want to become physically fit, there are far fewer for those looking to become financially fit. Many personal finance books tend to put the cart before the horse when it comes to financial planning, prompting McLay to ask, a€œHow can you discuss retirement or investment options, when you dona€™t have any money to begin with?q Most people dona€™t even know what financial fitness looks like, let alone how to achieve it. We can measure and weigh ourselves to quantify physical health, but how do we evaluate our financial health? McLay, an advisor who works with individuals everyday on their financial health, has created an innovative quiz to help you learn whether youa€™re a€œfinancially skinny, a€ financially fat, a€ or a€œfinancially fit.a€ From there, she provides exercises and advice to help you achieve, or sustain, a financially fit lifestyle. As with physical health and fitness, financial fitness is a goal that anyone can achieve. The journey is very similar: you need a plan and the right tools to accomplish your goals. This book will give you the resources you need along your journey to financial fitness, all you have to do is follow it just like any other training.Americans spend millions of dollars a year on gym memberships, diet and weightloss programs, vitamins, and organic ... Yet how many of us say we dona#39;t have the time or money todevote to financial fitness? ... Just as each of us is unique in our life goals, financial fitness does not look and feel the same for everyone.

Title:Train Your Way to Financial Fitness
Author:Shannon McLay
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2014-09-09


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