Trans Am & Firebird Restoration: 1970-1/2 - 1981

Trans Am & Firebird Restoration: 1970-1/2 - 1981

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The Firebird and Trans Am were distinctly different than the Chevy Camaro, and many Firebird and Trans Am models became stand-out muscle cars of their era. In fact, when the high-performance wars in Detroit subsided in the early 1970s, the Trans Am remained as the sole surviving muscle car. About 1.2 million Firebirds and Trans Ams were built from 1970 to 1981. Second-generation Pontiac F-Body cars have emerged because some cars are affordable while others are extremely rare and valuable. In particular, the 1970a€“1974 Pontiac Super Duty Trans Ams, 1970a€“1973 Firebird Formulas, and 1976 Firebird Limited Editions command high sale prices while the 1970s Trans Am 6.6 qSmokey and Banditq cars are affordable and appreciating in value. Through the years, the Firebirds and Trans Ams carried unique engines, trim packages, interiors, and other components. And now more than 30 years later, many are in need of restoration. Restoring a car is no small task, and owners of these cars need this hands-on how-to restoration guide. Melvin Benzaquen of Classic Restoration Enterprises has restored dozens of these cars. In this revealing guide, all crucial aspects of restoration are covered, including engine, driveline, body, interior, trim, electrical system, brakes, steering, and suspension. Chapters include VIN decoding, planning, preparation, tools, bodywork, and painting techniques. Step-by-step photos accompanied by in-depth and detailed captions explain how to perform each stage of the restoration procedure. Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am owners are loyal and dedicated to the preservation of these storied high-performance models. And these owners want an accurate and faithful restoration. In a classic car restoration, the magnitude and variety of work can be overwhelming and thata€™s why a complete restoration guide by an acknowledged expert is so important.The transmission code is on an aluminum plate attached just above the pan on the passengera#39;s side of the case. ... 400, standard hp PG 455/SD 455 PQ 1974 400, standard hp, California PW 400, standard hp PG 455 PZ SD 455 PQ 1975 All are M38/Turbo 350s. ... MK 403 Olds MZ 403 Olds, California, High Altitude LP 1979 400 Pontiac engines were only available with manual transmissions for 1979.

Title:Trans Am & Firebird Restoration: 1970-1/2 - 1981
Author:Melvin Benzaquen
Publisher:CarTech Inc - 2015-09-15


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