Trans-Dimensional Unified Field Theory

Trans-Dimensional Unified Field Theory

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The concept of a First Cause of all reality or God can be arrived at through science, metaphysics, and philosophy. This book establishes unification by defining parameters of equivalency through mathematics with the conclusion that all reality is consciousness. The keys to the universe and description of equivalency are defined. God can be known though works in creation when the true nature of being is understood, truth known, and the universe becomes an analogy of truth. All reality is consciousness established through patterns of hierarchy and symmetry proceeding from God. Action is known by equivalency and love is received in Creation.Hence by implication, the density of gravity affects time since gravity is also a dimension of space and has a relationship to space, and also, time is described as a component of mass by such an association. Mass = DSTa#39; redefines mass andanbsp;...

Title:Trans-Dimensional Unified Field Theory
Author:George James Ducas
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-06-06


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