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Julius Caesar Hendrix's biography, Transformation: 'Drums of Thunder' chronicles his struggle with the dark shadows of success in the music industry, personal tragedies and the ultimate triumph of reaching out with music to troubled youth. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Julius got his first drum set at eight and has entertained audiences ever since. At 15 he started his first band. At 17 they began to play Savannah's lounge circuit under the name 'Special Edition' and quickly rose to become a national touring success in the '80s and '90s. Lessons learned from thirty years in the music industry gave Julius a rich perspective on life. His enduring faith in God transcended struggles with drug addiction and homelessness. Today, he is a self-proclaimed 'Reacher' to at-risk youth, sharing a hope-filled testimony of recovery and redemption. His message: There is no hope in dope. Reverend Hendrix's ministry speaks to young people tempted by drugs and the lure of the music industry as easy escapes from inner city challenges.Larry had over 1, 000 boxes of Nike shoes to sell that day. He had a complete ... His customers would walk up and tell him how much money they had and what size shoe they needed. Larry would jump up into the truck and pick out a suitable pair of new shoes. He would ring ... The jail time did not deter him one bit. He is stillanbsp;...

Author:Julius Caesar Hendrix, Robert McGinnis
Publisher:robert mcginnis - 2007-03-30


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