Transforming American Governance

Transforming American Governance

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Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, ongoing wars, and global financial crises are forcing unprecedented changes in the institutions of government and public management. Government and governance will be very different in the future than anticipated in the literature in the field. Transforming American Governance is designed to help public management practitioners, thought leaders, theorists and researchers to ask the right questions as we move forward in this uncharted territory. The editors have assembled a prominant cast of experts to envision the future of government and governance on a broad scale, covering social policy, managing and regulating the economy, managing and regulating private business, federalism and the states, and the new international order. Brimming with fresh ideas from new assmptions and new technologies, the book is an especially timely overview of cutting edge approaches to governing and governance.Reagan tried to rewire the vending machine by giving the private sector more management over more of its parts. ... The administration inserted the cash and pushed the buttons, but the mechanism jammed. ... cannot fix it. In Search of a New Idea It is time for a new idea. It will have to be outlandishly huge to get the attention of government workers, who have become used to the escalating promises thatanbsp;...

Title:Transforming American Governance
Author:Alan P. Balutis, Terry F. Buss, Dwight Ink
Publisher:M.E. Sharpe - 2011


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