Transgression 2.0

Transgression 2.0

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One doesn't need to look far to find examples of contemporary locations of cultural opposition. Digital piracy, audio mashups, The Onion and Wikipedia are all examples of transgression in our current mediascape. And as digital age transgression becomes increasingly essential, it also becomes more difficult to define and protect. The contributions in this collection are organized into six sections that address the use of new technologies to alter existing cultural messages, the incorporation of technology and alternative media in transformation of everyday cultural practices and institutions, and the reuse and repurposing of technology to focus active political engagement and innovative social change. Bringing together a variety of scholars and case studies, Transgression 2.0 will be the first key resource for scholars and students interested in digital culture as a transformative intervention in the types, methods and significance of cultural politics.See also Elmer and Opel (2008) for a variety of twenty-first-century dissent- management techniques via pre-emption. ... origin story involves the US military stumbling upon an Al-Qaeda training manual and seeking to use its insights ( even producing its own manual). ... Autonomist Marxism, especially concerning a€œ selfvalorization, a€ see Grindon 2007. references Agamben, Giorgio. 2005. State ofException.

Title:Transgression 2.0
Author:Ted Gournelos, David J. Gunkel
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA - 2011-11-24


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