Transport Revolutions

Transport Revolutions

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Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil sets out the challenges to our growing dependence on transport fuelled by low-priced oil. These challenges include an early peak in world oil production and profound climate change resulting in part from oil use. It proposes responses to ensure effective, secure movement of people and goods in ways that make the best use of renewable sources of energy while minimizing environmental impacts. Transport Revolutions synthesizes engineering, economics, environment, organization, policy and technology, and draws extensively on current data to present important conclusions. The authors argue that land transport in the first half of the 21st century will feature at least two revolutions. One will involve the use of electric drives rather than internal combustion engines. Another will involve powering many of these drives directly from the electric grid - as trains and trolley buses are powered today - rather than from on-board fuel. They go on to discuss marine transport, whose future is less clear, and aviation, which could see the most dramatic breaks from current practice. With its expert analysis of the politics and business of transport, Transport Revolutions is essential reading for professionals and students in transport, energy, town planning and public policy.The rate of energy use for the ICE is based on the stated 5.1L/100km at 38.7MJ/L for diesel fuel. ... comparison in Table 3.5 is between two versions of the Toyota Camry sold in the US. ... in the February 2007 issue of HybridCars at http://www . ... Information about the Queen Mary 2 is at QM2Technical.pdf.

Title:Transport Revolutions
Author:Richard Gilbert, Anthony Pearl
Publisher:Earthscan - 2012


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