Transportation Security

Transportation Security

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Insecure transportation systems are costing our worldwide mobility-based economy as much as 6% of GDP annually. The effectiveness of security measures vary widely. In the United States, depending on the mode of transportation, it ranges from a€œmedium effectiveness for airports to a€œlow effectiveness for maritime, rail, transit, and intermodal activities. Situational awareness and interoperability are lacking as we try to deal with both natural and man-made disasters. Regardless of the transport mode, improvements are essential if governments and corporations are to address security planning, response, and national preparedness. Transportation Security examines this problem in a comprehensive manner and addresses security-based technologies and solutions to minimize risk. * Covers air, sea, roadway, rail and public transport modes * Offers technological solutions for mobility based problems in planning, logistics and policy to improve security, combat terrorism and ensure national preparedness * Includes work of international experts a global examples related to transportation securityClifford Bragdon ... TIP, or Threat Image Projection, is a program used by TSA to ensure high screener performance and help with design of training programs. ... Older WTMDs tend to alarm on belt buckles, watches, and other metal.

Title:Transportation Security
Author:Clifford Bragdon
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2011-08-19


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