T.R.A.P.P. - 2

T.R.A.P.P. - 2

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Currently, random numbers used in computer programs to play poker, are pseudo - random. That means they are generated in a predictable way. In this book the computer programs used to play all the differenty game of poker, are truly random. Nothing is predictable. Through the ages, many have tried to successfully construct systems to play the games automatically without en- cumbrance. None has ever succeeded. This book shows the first computer programs that will allow the automatic playing of poker games anywhere. In the home, casinos, aircrafts, ships and all places of people meeting, in comfort and in style. Up to now, the only way we can assure true randomness, is to have someone shuffle and cut the deck after each game. This is acceptable because it is fair, and it works well. But good dealers are hard to find for home games. Furthermore, it is slow play and cards can be marked, etc. And chips are nice to have. And the more the merrier. But isn't it time for them to go? I will surely miss cards. But it's time for them to go. Card dealing is too too expensive.Automated to play the game only. We will still use chips for betting. Here we go: A semi-automated poker table. No automated betting. 2. Equipped with a c. p. u. ( central processing unit) with the game 2. programs and 1000-2000 shuffledanbsp;...

Title:T.R.A.P.P. - 2
Author:Richard J. Edwards
Publisher:Author House - 2011-05-31


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