Trash Picking for Profit

Trash Picking for Profit

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This book will show you how to make money from other people's rubbish. Real treasures are thrown away every day. Some trash can be easily recognized as valuable art, rare antiques, or beautiful furniture. Other cast-offs might look like junk, but with a little imagination and creativity you can up-cycle it into items to sell. Inside this book, Trash Picking for Profit, I'll give you all the tips and insider information you need to make pure profit. I'll show you results and have you making money TODAY from nothing! You read that right- You don't even need a dollar to get started. And I speak from experience. Just today, I made a profit of 450 dollars cash. I had only 38 dollars tied up into the furniture I sold. Because I found it curbside, in storage units and at yardsales. Could you use an extra 450 dollars every day? That's more than some people make every week, and I do it from home, with very little expenses and it's all tax-free and in my wallet. Trash Picking for Profit tells you exactly where to look for free items, how to find buyers, and even how to become an Expert in your field. You'll find yourself loving your job (it's a new adventure every day), and feel good about helping the environment. You're saving landfills and trash dumps while recycling beautiful items; all while getting paid for it. It's like getting green for going green! And did I mention you don't need cash to get started? I sure didn't have any when I began. Many of the money-making plans I show you don't even require a vehicle to get around. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. And this book isn't about crazy get-rich schemes. It's nothing like that! That's why so many people find it hard to believe that all the money earned is yours and yours alone, and is strictly profit. I always try to follow successful people who can prove that what they're doing works. If someone offered to show you how to make an extra 60-500 dollars a day, and thousands more a month, you'd probably take a minute to listen. This book has those answers. Trash Picking for Profit, shows you step by step how to make money! I show through real-life examples and pictures how I do it every day. See, I realized quickly that I needed to generate income as my family was growing. Even though my husband had a job (he's one of the lucky ones), I found myself wanting to work from home with two young daughters. I have a college degree, a creative mind, and a superb resume. But the market is full of overqualified individuals pushing a broom at McDonalds.Nothing paid enough to justify leaving my kids with strangers in daycare every day, while barely covering the cost to get to and from work, so I was stuck wondering how to earn money while staying at home. I needed more money. My husband's salary is fixed. So no matter how many more hours he worked in a week- it still didn't change his paycheck. We had cut every qluxuryq imaginable- from cable to eating out, to vacations. Still, we were short every month. I realized something had to change. That's how this book came to happen. Everything in here is tried and true. If I can make money from nothing- which I did, (and still do!) -Then so can you. I wouldn't dream of ever going back to work for someone else. Especially not when I make more money now then I did pulling 40+hours before. And I probably only work about 15 hours a week max now; and I enjoy it.. So if you're looking for a new way to earn money, work for yourself and spend less hours slaving away at something you hate- consider the small price of investing $19.99 for this book.You won't be disappointed. I guarantee it.If you love watching shows like Storage Wars, Flea Market flip, Salvage Dawgs and auction hunters, then you'll love this book. I teach you how to find those very items and then sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, and other free sites. qTrash Picking For Profitq has repeatedly been ranked #1 on Kindle's best seller list for New Business Entrepreneurship!We had cut every aquot;luxuryaquot; imaginable- from cable to eating out, to vacations. Still, we were short every month. I realized something had to change. Thata#39;s how this book came to happen. Everything in here is tried and true.

Title:Trash Picking for Profit
Author:Deane Walter
Publisher: - 2013-04-16


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