Travel Guide to Other Dimensions

Travel Guide to Other Dimensions

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This book provides a concise overview of travel methods to dimensions beyond the earth plane by means of altered states. Besides providing travel guidelines, neurotheological insights explain what happens in our brain during these expanded states of consciousness and during visits to these other realities. In addition, the book outlines non-earthly intelligent beings which may be encountered along the way. Detailed information is presented from multi-disciplined research performed by leaders in each field and from data published by seasoned extra-dimensional travelers. The travel means and methods outlined are: AcA€Ac Psychedelics AcA€Ac Meditation and prayer AcA€Ac Regression hypnosis AcA€Ac Binaural beat stimulation AcA€Ac Repetitive and rhythmic stimulation AcA€Ac Electric and electromagnetic stimulation AcA€Ac Disease AcA€Ac Deprivation of essential elements AcA€Ac Magnetic field disturbances AcA€Ac UFO AbductionsThe Australian Aborigines believe that dream time is the real time in terms of objective reality.20 Because children have not been conditioned to doubt or resist the supernatural, they are more receptive to spirits.21 Sylvia Browne writes theanbsp;...

Title:Travel Guide to Other Dimensions
Author:Jeanette Woldman - 2010


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