Treasured Lies

Treasured Lies

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From award-winning author Kendall Talbot comes a new romantic adventure to dive into... The discovery of The Flying Seahorse, a 13th century shipwreck, nearly killed Archera€™s two best friends. Now, with their recovery assured and his fiancAce back at his side, Archer can finally hunt for the treasure that has haunted him since his fathera€™s death years before. Rosalina learned things about herself that she didna€™t expect: her capacity to love, her capacity to forgive and her capacity to do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves. Shooting Nox with a spear gun saved Archera€™s life, and brought them back together a€” this time forever. Now shea€™s with her fiancAc, in the beautiful Mediterranean, with a real chance of ending the guilt thata€™s tortured Archer for two decades. But Nox isna€™t dead, and he hasna€™t given up. Archer and Rosalina may believe that they are safe, but nothing could be further from the truth. What once was about treasure is now about revenge a€” and ita€™s very, very personal.Each one of the little plaques on the bracelet were crafted into their own narrative . The bracelet was ... a#39;How long do you need, Alex?a#39; Archer ... The bracelet was much too big for Gingera#39;s tiny build, in fact, it would be too big for most women.

Title:Treasured Lies
Author:Kendall Talbot
Publisher:Harlequin Enterpises AU - 2015-10-01


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