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In the 1960s, a generation was introduced to a crew of people who were going 'where no man has gone before'. After it was cancelled, fans began watching the show in reruns, going to conventions to hear the stars talk about their experiences, and collecting paraphernalia from the show. The Trekkie was born. Since then the Star Trek franchise has boomed, and the fandom has grown along with it. This book gathers, for the first time, stories of how Star Trek has touched people's lives, by people who think that Star Trek isn't just a show, but a way of life.(Photos courtesy Shamira) I made a bellydance instructional video called Bell)/ dancing: The Sensuous Workout. One of the cameramen was a fellow Trekkie, as was the graphic artist who designed the cover (he used the Trek font on the back anbsp;...

Author:Nikki Stafford
Publisher:ECW Press - 2002


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