Triathlon Training Fast and Easy

Triathlon Training Fast and Easy

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In Triathlon Training, Fast and Easy, author and coach Rick Niles explains the concepts and introduces an easy-to-follow system as a pathway to new performance levels. He believes that training for three sports can mesh with a career, family, and things that are ultimately more important. Peak fitness can be achieved by training for five to nine hours per week in all three areasa€”swimming, running, and bicycling. Triathlon Training, Fast and Easy has several helpful features to clearly get any triathlete going faster with less effort: Sample training weeks Technique instruction Training drills A season-long distance training schedule A crash training schedule for procrastinators This handy reference guide also includes various exercise and training techniques based on personal experience, research, and individual stories. Going faster and farther are relative terms, and speed and time are individual. No one races on someone elsea€™s stories, and they shouldna€™t train from them either. Each of our bodies will respond to the training we do and how frequently we do it. The response reflects the input. Triathlon Training, Fast and Easy provides all of the necessary information that any triathlete needs to guide them to a new performance level.You swim butterfly, then backstroke, then breaststroke, then freestyle. If you simply wona#39;t or cana#39;t swim butterfly, substitute freestyle. One-arm butterfly is a great compromise. If you have knee problems, do breaststroke without kicking, or do aanbsp;...

Title:Triathlon Training Fast and Easy
Author:Rick Niles
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2012-06-20


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