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Tribes are everywhere we look and everywhere we go. They?re drawn together through common need and mutual interest, for preservation and protection. They?re bound to each other by love and blood, by fear and respect. At one time or another, tribes have formed on every continent of our world. They are our clans, our gangs, our clubs and fraternities, our corporations and congresses, our militaries and our families. They are tribe and each tribe has its own reasons for staying together. In Marcus F Griffin's new book, Tribe, Tending the Fires of the Great Spirit Within, readers will be taken on an amazing journey into dreams and visions, through the spirit and the mind along a path that leads us into the shamanic otherworld and even back through time to the beginnings of human spirituality. Readers will seek the sacred spark of the Great Spirit itself.You have a few choices to make. Before we begin, therefore, we should take a look at the mental and/or physical tools you will be using to help you attain a state of shamanic ecstasy and to achieve the goals in each of your journeys. Keep inanbsp;...

Author:Marcus F. Griffin
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2010-07-15


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