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TRIBES is a powerful story of human survival in a post-apocalyptic world blighted by a catastrophic event, the nature of which is shrouded in mystery. Taking part in his first raid, Isaac England, son of the Captain (black autocratic ruler of a fortified city on the border of lands once known as Europe and Asia) is keen to impress his father and live up to the ruthless example of his adopted brother, Kai. But faced with killing an unarmed boy, Isaac spares his life; an act of compassion which sets him him at odds with his father and comes back to haunt him. When the city is under attack, sinister secrets come to light. Dangerous lies are exposed and, in a desperate bid to save those he loves (one of whom is Vida, sister of the boy he spared) Isaac is plunged into a nightmare world beneath his city, where lies a greater threat to mankind than any he could have imagined. Exploring issues of global pollution, racism and respect for life, Tribes is a compelling, poignant and fast-moving adventure seen through the eyes of a courageous young man with a strong moral code and the need to question.They should have reached the alleyway by now and ahead loomed a high brick wall. Fighting his ... A tall, wooden gate. If there had ... On the far side of the square, a pale oasis of light cast by the lamp fixed over the Procurera#39;s door. They rananbsp;...

Author:Anne Lewington
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-03-20


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