Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends

Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends

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If you're interested in magic because on your 9th birthday your Mummy and Daddy booked the ruddy-faced Uncle Fiddlesticks who pulled a bunny out of a hat and made sweets appear from his pockets which he forced you to verify empty and you want to know how it was done, this isn't the book for you. (Stick with the counselling; you'll get through it.) The material in this book is 'grab you by the balls and twist 'em' stuff. It's sick, it's rude, they'll say it's in poor taste but they'll want to see more: it will blow their minds. Here is a book rammed full of tricks to really get people talking. Tricks that will give you the reputation of the guy or girl that does the really weird stuff, who can crack their nose, take a bite out of a glass, perform magic that won't be forgotten later that day. If I bent a spoon under your nose and had it melt in your hand and then floated 6 inches off the ground you'd take notice, wouldn't you? It's all here and more...The next time youa#39;re out somewhere that has them, grab a few or get one from the place in which you intend to perform this ... While all the attention is on your eye, take this opportunity to get the milk container into your unoccupied hand. ... With the lid pierced, the cow juice will squirt out of your fist all over your compadres!

Title:Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends
Author:Pete Firman
Publisher:Michael O'Mara Books - 2013-01-28


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